The Youbionic Bionic Hand is Controlled by Muscle Contractions

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: youbionic & gizmag
There have been many innovations with artificial limbs over the years, and the Youbionic Bionic Hand is set to be one of the more dexterous ones.

Aside from offering users the ability to lift objects and perform gripping, the Youbionic Bionic Hand could also allow wearers to type or even use a smartphone. These capabilities help to make the prosthetic more intuitive for users to use and for it to feel less foreign when they use it.

One of the best parts about the artificial limb is the pricing information that has been released. Set to be available for an affordable $1,200, the Youbionic Bionic Hand could revolutionize the prosthetic industry. The company is currently taking preorders for the prosthetic with details about delivery not yet available.