From Contemporary Hydroponic Planters to Water Usage-Tracking Devices

 - Apr 24, 2016
The April 2016 eco trends reveal that both indoor and outdoor gardening projects are becoming popular pastimes for consumers. Whether it is out of a desire to grow their own produce or to simply add some greenery to their home, gardening is becoming a popular eco-friendly activity.

As the April 2016 eco trends reveal, some of the biggest innovations have been in the field of indoor gardening. Indeed, there are now numerous systems that allow consumers to grow their own produce in even the tiniest spaces. The popularity is reinforced by IKEA's foray into hydroponics with the release of its new Indoor Gardening Kit.

However, the rise of indoor gardening does not mean that consumers have lost interest in outdoor gardening. On the contrary, there have been numerous innovations that make outdoor gardening an even more eco-friendly activity for conscious consumers. These innovations include hose attachments that help consumers monitor their water consumption, sensors that indicate when a plant requires water, light or a change in temperature and chemical-free insecticides that do not harm the natural environment.