These Refill Stations Provide a Solution to Flint's Water Crisis

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: myflowater & fastcoexist
A San Francisco-based company called 'FloWater' recently proposed the idea of using water refill stations to combat Flint's ongoing water crisis. While many organizations have been sending bottled water to the city, this approach is merely a stopgap solution. Now FloWater wants to replace bottled water deliveries with a more sustainable initiative.

The new project proposed by FloWater involves installing refill stations in different neighborhoods until the city of Flint can fix its broken infrastructure. These refill stations use reverse osmosis and complex filters to remove dangerous materials such as lead, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and even pharmaceuticals. Additional filters then remove chemicals such as benzene and chlorine to leave residents with drinkable water.

The project would not only provide Flint residents with accesses to clean water, but it would also serves as an environmentally sustainable alternative to using plastic water bottles.