- Jul 22, 2016
These cause marketing innovations range from data-donating refugee ads to charitable beer campaigns that aim to raise awareness about water conservation while helping to make fresh water available to those in the developing world.

In addition to a myriad of charitable business initiatives like UBER's UberPuppies promotion -- an initiative the delivered puppies to offices around North America in hopes of finding shelter dogs a home -- other standouts include social good innovations like Cambodia's 'Let’s Read!' campaign that makes education more accessible for those without the funds for books. The initiative centers around a digital library and provides underprivileged kids with ebooks that help to further their learning.

Additional cause marketing innovations include charitable craft beers and philanthropic photography platforms that encourage social media influencers to link their content with a local charity -- allowing for socially conscious and charitable posts.

From Data-Donating Refugee Ads to Charitable Beer Campaigns: