PETA Worked to Combat Animal Hunting with a Facetious Line of Condoms

 - Jul 5, 2016
References: adeevee & designtaxi
Adding to its collection of provocative and illusory campaigns, PETA created its own brand of condoms to prevent the continuation of animal hunting and distributed them to unsuspecting members of the community.

To do this, the organization took months to manufacture and market its 'Huntsman Condoms,' making sure to spread word of the product to celebrity hunters and those attending expeditions for the sport. The campaign was done with the help of 'MullenLowe' -- a Singapore advertising agency. A video explains PETA's efforts in making the condoms, as well as the damages that it claims it causes.

The goal of PETA is to prevent those who take part in animal hunting from reproducing, as the organization explains that the practice is proven to be past on from generation to generation. The campaign shows how PETA managed to fool the hunting community into endorsing its products themselves, with the organization crudely telling them to "Feel Free to F*ck Each Other but Don't F*ck with Nature."