From Inclusive Pride Campaigns to Stigma-Breaking Escort Operas

 - Jul 24, 2016
From star-studded Pride campaigns to stigma-breaking operas, the July 2016 social good trends reveal a major focus on breaking down barriers and creating a community of inclusion.

Coinciding with the end of Pride Month, the July 2016 social good trends largely revolve around LGBTQ issues. In terms of products, brand such as Nike, American Apparel and even Absolut Vodka released rainbow-hued goods supporting the LGBTQ community.

Stemming from many of the issues raised during Pride Month, the July 2016 social good trends also included a great deal of campaigns centered around the theme of inclusion. For example, the 'We Are America' ad starring WWE American wrestler John Cena highlights the diversity of the American population. Similarly, a performance called the 'Sex Workers Opera' was created to break down damaging stereotypes about sex workers.