A Bangladeshi Inventor Designed Affordable DIY Coolers for the Poor

 - Jun 13, 2016
References: cdn.bigweb.bd & mashable
Outside of North America, most countries in the world do not have widespread air conditioning and these zero-electricity DIY coolers will help to relieve overheated homes.

For reasons such as poverty, a lack of need or just the fact that it is not a norm, air conditioning is only very common in certain areas of North America. While this may be good for the environment, it can be extremely hard on poor people who live in poorly insulated housing, hot climates and who work hard all day. Bangladeshi inventor Ashis Paul created this simple yet highly effective zero-electricity DIY cooling system that would be affordable for these communities. The system works by recycling pop bottles, cutting them open and having them funnel the warm air outside to cool it down. This air enters the home and can reduce temperatures by five degrees Celsius. So far this ingenious design has been installed in more than 25,000 homes in Bangladesh's poor communities.

This zero-electricity cooling system is affordable, efficient and can improve the quality of life for many poor communities around the world.