From Plant-Based Finger Paints to Climate-Controlled Offices

 - Jul 30, 2016
From plant-based finger paints to climate-controlled offices, the July 2016 eco trends reveal that consumers are taking the ethos of sustainability from the home all the way to the office. Indeed, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to make every part of daily life a little bit more sustainable.

When it comes to eco-friendly home products, consumers are no longer limited to high-efficiency appliances and energy-saving lightbulbs. Sustainable products now run the gamut from practical tools such as solar notebook chargers and user-friendly food composts to more unusual items such as plant-based finger paints and biodegradable tampons.

The July 2016 eco trends demonstrate that the desire to be more environmentally friendly has also spilled into the workplace as consumers gradually change their daily habits. One example of this crossover is in terms of architecture, as more modern offices are designed for efficiency. This is also true of transportation, as urban bike sharing programs and eco-friendly vehicles make the daily commute far more sustainable.