Scientists Developed a Bionic Leaf That Turns Sunlight into Fuel

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: natureworldnews & treehugger
In what is an important scientific breakthrough, scientists at Harvard University have developed a bionic leaf that can use artificial photosynthesis to convert sunlight into liquid fuel.

The bionic leaf works by using solar energy to "split water molecules" and "contains hydrogen-eating bacteria that produces liquid fuel." The leaf can produce fuels such as isobutanol, isopentanol and PHB. The bionic leaf can convert sunlight into biomass extremely efficiently, around 10 times better than some of the fastest growing plants.

With science now able to perform functions similar to plants in an even more efficient way, this could have a wide variety of impacts and uses for the environment and production. The technology is currently being developed for commercial uses and will be applied to countries in the developing world such as India.