From 3D-Printed Jaw Prosthetics to Emission-Preventing Stones

 - Jul 31, 2016
From 3D-printed jaw prosthetics to emission-preventing stones, the July 2016 science trends reveal that technology is changing our own lives and the environment in which we live in unexpected ways.

One of the most powerful ways that science and technology are changing our lives is in the field of healthcare. Advancements in the healthcare field are giving patients more ownership over their healthcare by giving them new tools to monitor, diagnose and even treat conditions on their own. Some of these revolutionary scientific advancements include autonomous diagnostic tools, 3D-printed jaw prosthetics and sight-restoring goggles.

Beyond healthcare, the July 2016 science trends also reveal an emphasis on improving the environment and undoing some of the damage caused by humans. For example, scientists have developed a high-tech reactor called ePhos that can isolate phosphorus from sewage water. Another example is an artificial barrier created by a team of Dutch researchers, which gathers and collects plastic waste from the ocean.