John Crimaldi Uses Color and Lasers to Render Scents Fully Visible

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: scientificamerican & mentalfloss
Scientist John Crimaldi and his team of researchers have found a way to render scents visible to the naked eye by utilizing aroma dyes, water and lasers to render the motion of the scent particles visible. The scientific breakthrough is revolutionary in that being able to both see and smell scents blurs two of five human senses.

The research team utilizes a specially engineered dye known as 'surrogate odor' that is filled into a tank of water. The scent is then injected into the tank along with the dye that clings to the aroma particles. Lasers are then used to illuminate the 'surrogate ordor' clinging to the scent and render it visible. The scent often looks like colored smoke or steam as it moves through the water. The technology can be used to help better understand how humans interact and understand scent.