NuEyes' Visual Prosthesis is a Portable Aid for Patients with Low Vision

 - Jun 7, 2016
References: aroga & newswire
A new visual prosthesis from NuEyes is helping to give independence back to patients who suffer from vision loss.

In the past, electronic video magnifiers could be used to enhance visibility for up-close tasks, but distance viewing remained a challenge. NuEyes Easy is a new product that takes the form of a headpiece that offers magnification up to 12 times and contrast enhancements for printed content. These glasses can be customized to suit an individual's prescription and also can be updated to support text-to-speech capabilities. This means that individuals who suffer from low vision will be able to have documents read to them and they'll also be able to stream TV and movies from a Wi-Fi connection via built-in controls.

In contrast to bulky models of the past, the NuEyes Easy headset is only 125 grams, which is just less than the weight of the iPhone 6.