Ultra-Strong Printed Parts Can Be Made with Five-Axis Additive Manufacturing

 - Jun 25, 2016
References: youtube & 3dprint
There are now many products that are printed in 3D, as well as a few explorations in 4D and 5D printing. 5D printing is another name for five-axis additive manufacturing, which means that print beds are designed to rock on two axes. Benefits of manufacturing in this way include printed parts that are more effective with material use and can take more pressure, since there is less stress that collects at the seams.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) is currently experimenting with this kind of printing technology. William Yerazunis, Senior Principal Research Scientist at MERL says: "5D printing does requires a lot of analysis and it does require knowing how the part will be used, but when you can make a part that's five times stronger, that really changes how you think about 3D-printed parts."