The Additive Manufacturing Facility Printer is Designed to Work in Space

 - Jun 16, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
While 3D-printing is growing in popularity amongst brands, retailers and consumers, the technology is being redesigned so that it can be used in space thanks to the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF). The printer is engineered to function in zero gravity landscapes and be used to aide in maintenance work aboard spaceships.

3D-printing offers a variety of uses, and one that is most convenient is how quickly products and pieces can be rendered from ideation to use. This is one of the focuses of the AMF to help build and reconstruct tools needed during the ISS mission for astronauts while they make repairs. The printer will be specially fitted to work in the low-gravity setting so that it can withstand the rocket launch and takeoff and still be functional in the new space atmosphere.