Instant Chemistry Validates a Pair's DNA Compatibility

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: instantchemistry & notable
There are many ways for couples to be complementary in a relationship, and Instant Chemistry is hoping to bring how good a pair can be together using DNA compatibility testing. The company offers what they refer to as 'Relationship Kits' that analyze the genetic make of both individuals to see if scientifically they are well suited to one another.

The 'Relationship Kit' is a three part kit that looks into neurological make, psychology as well as biological elements to analyze from several different perspectives whether or not two people work well together. The three tests are taken by both partners offer results that share whether the couple work together or not, who is more dominant and other personality trait details.

The kit can be one way couples can solidify in a modern and Internet dating romantic era whether or not instant connection can last.