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Evolving with each new development by inventors and physicists, the world of science continues to adapt with every unique discovery and product innovation. Offering the world a glimpse into creative breakthroughs in futuristic technology, medical innovations and scientific activities, Trend Hunter’s science category will help you stay at the forefront of all things of a scientific nature.
3D-Printed Personalized Pharmaceuticals
3D-Printed Personalized Pharmaceuticals
Multiply Labs 3D-Prints Personalized Daily Pills
Multiply Labs is committed to offering more unique and personalized types of therapy and health treatments with additive manufacturing on the rise. To provide each patient with what they need, the... MORE
Vertical Hydroponic Growing Systems
Vertical Hydroponic Growing Systems
Super Fresh is a Hydroponic Organic Produce Growing System
Super Fresh is positioning itself to be a key supplier of produce in Ontario. The vertical hydroponic growing system allows for affordable organic produce all year. This would revolutionize how... MORE
Fingertip Energy Generators
Fingertip Energy Generators
This Wearable Finger Strip Generates Energy from Sweat
Inspired by Band-Aid, the wearable finger strip acts like a fingertip energy generator.  The thin, flexible strip generates energy as soon as it is worn on the finger, even while the user is... MORE
Neuro-Enhancing Earphones
Neuro-Enhancing Earphones
The Vie Zone Earphones Harness the Power of Neuroscience and Music
Vie Style, a Japan-based company, harnessed the power of neuroscience and music to create the Vie Zone smart earphones. Elegantly designed, the earphones pick up on brain activity to analyze and... MORE
Aerial Water-Sampling Devices
Aerial Water-Sampling Devices
The 'Nixie' System Uses Drones to Lower the Cost Of Testing Water
Reign Maker, a startup based in New York, has developed a drone-based water-sampling device that makes it possible to use quadcopter technology to go about collecting and retrieving samples in a... MORE
STEM Education Exoskeleton Kits
STEM Education Exoskeleton Kits
The 'EduExo Pro' Robotic Exoskeleton Kit is Arduino-Powered
The ‘EduExo Pro’ robotic exoskeleton kit is a set of equipment for use in STEM education environments to provide users with everything they need to build their own wearable robotic... MORE
Interactive Biotechnological Playgrounds
Interactive Biotechnological Playgrounds
The Airbubble Playground Boasts Natural Air-Purifiers
The Airbubble Playground, designed by ecoLogicStudio, includes integrated air-purifying micro-algae. The London-based architecture and innovation firm aims to provide clean air for children to... MORE
Solar-Powered Energy Cells
Solar-Powered Energy Cells
LAYER Modules May Replace Disposable Batteries for Good
As batteries continue to make up a bulk of e-waste, the French startup Dracula Technologies offers an innovative power solution in the LAYER modules. The technology company is the first in the world... MORE
AI Climate
Scientists are using artificial intelligence to predict natural disaster events
Trend - Scientists are now using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help predict natural phenomenons—such as flooding, fires, earthquakes, hurricane intensity, and so on—minimizing the harm done in the wake of these events These tools are being effectively deployed to manage climate change.
Workshop Question - How can your brand utilize artificial intelligence to mitigate risks?
STEM Activities Subscription Boxes
STEM Activities Subscription Boxes
The GIGIL STEM Subscription Boxes Come with Hands-On Activities
The GIGIL STEM Kits are subscription-based activity boxes for kids. Education-focused, the kits include five hands-on activities and crafts for junior scientists to explore. The boxes focus on new... MORE
AI-Powered Recycling Technologies
AI-Powered Recycling Technologies
Metaspectral is Developing Waste-Sorting AI for Better Recycling
Metaspectral, a Canadian technology company specializing in artificial intelligence and sustainable development, has been awarded over $300,000 in grant funding by the B.C. government to support the... MORE
Lab-Grown Meat Products
Lab-Grown Meat Products
Nestlé is Working on a New Cultured Meat Product
As sustainable food alternatives become increasingly popular, Nestlé brand has partnered with leading cultured meat company Future Meat Technologies (FMT) to create an alternative choice to natural... MORE
play_circle_filled Energy-Producing Toilets
Energy-Producing Toilets
The Revolutionary 'BeeVi' Toilet Was Created by Professor Cho Jae-weon
Professor Cho Jae-weon from South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has developed a revolutionary toilet called the BeeVi. This product uses an eco-conscious... MORE
STEM-Focused Tween Kits
STEM-Focused Tween Kits
Tinker Crate is a Great STEM Subscription Box for Hands-On Tweens & Teens
The Tinker Crate subscription service by Kiwi Crate is aimed at kids aged 9-14 looking to explore various STEM-based projects. The aim of the boxes is to “make science and engineering... MORE
play_circle_filled Touch-Reactant Non-Humanoid Robots
Touch-Reactant Non-Humanoid Robots
Keunwook Kim Designed Responsive Post-Plant Robots
Keunwook Kim designed the non-humanoid Post-Plant robots. Inspired by the growth cycle and emotive movement of plant life, these robots are engineered to respond to and express emotion by reacting... MORE
play_circle_filled Dissolvable Vaccine Strips
Dissolvable Vaccine Strips
The Oral QuickStrips Could Revolutionize How Vaccines are Administered
Rapid Dose Therapeutics (RDT) and McMaster University partnered up on QuickStrips, vaccine strips that could revolutionize the health industry. The vaccine strips are similar to Listerine Breath... MORE
play_circle_filled Washable Battery-Free E-Textiles
Washable Battery-Free E-Textiles
Purdue Engineers Developed Energy-Harvesting Smart Clothes
Purdue engineers from Purdue University have developed two novel treatments to turn textiles into smart clothes. The E-textiles are said to have energy-harvesting abilities that are also waterproof... MORE
Kaleidoscopic Color Experiences
Kaleidoscopic Color Experiences
Adobe's 'Creativity, Explained' Series Includes a Color Animation
Directed by Oddfellows, an animated kaleidoscopic exploration of color is now part of Adobe’s Creativity, Explained series. In the trippy and instructive animation video, Eddie Opara explains... MORE
Virus-Detecting Face Mask Sensors
Virus-Detecting Face Mask Sensors
This Wearable Biosensor Can Detect the SARS-CoV-2
This wearable biosensor has been developed by researchers at Harvard and MIT as a way to help detect for viruses and will enable a person to know if they have come into contact with them. The sensor... MORE
Decarbonized Aviation Engines
Decarbonized Aviation Engines
Rolls-Royce Plans to Achieve Net-Zero Aviation Carbon Emissions
The British engineering firm Rolls-Royce plans to eliminate aviation carbon emission by 2050. The company announced that it would modify its jet engines to run on renewable fuels. To accomplish its... MORE
Aloe-Based Cosmetic Ingredients
Aloe-Based Cosmetic Ingredients
MossCellTec Aloe is an Active Ingredient Created by Mibelle
Mibelle Biochemistry launched its ground-breaking MossCellTec Aloe following its first MossCellTec No.1 launch. The innovative ingredient is the first active ingredient made from biotechnologically... MORE
Rugged Laser-Equipped Phones
Rugged Laser-Equipped Phones
The DOOGEE S97 Pro Boasts a Large Battery and Laser Rangefinder
The Doogee S97 Pro is the world’s first rugged phone boasting a professional laser rangefinder. Featuring an Helio G95 Octa-Core processor, this adventure phone is packed with innovative... MORE
Alien Landscape Photography Artwork
Alien Landscape Photography Artwork
The WhiteClouds 'Marscapes' 3D Decor Pops Off the wall
The WhiteClouds ‘Marscapes’ 3D decor are a series of artwork styles created to help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mariner 9’s mission to map Mars and provide space... MORE
Interstellar Astronomy Museums
Interstellar Astronomy Museums
The Shanghai Astronomy Museum is the Largest in the World
Ennead designed the Shanghai Astronomy Museum to be the world’s largest museum of its kind. Featuring an interstellar design, the cosmic space brings the stars closer to the earth. Following... MORE
Bronze-Sculpted Prehistoric Insects
Bronze-Sculpted Prehistoric Insects
Metallic Specimens of Insects are Made by Dr. Allan Drummond
At the intersection of art, science, and design, Dr. Allan Drummond perfectly replicates prehistoric and modern insects in bronze and silver in his series of metallic specimens called Closer. The... MORE