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Evolving with each new development by inventors and physicists, the world of science continues to adapt with every unique discovery and product innovation. Offering the world a glimpse into creative breakthroughs in futuristic technology, medical innovations and scientific activities, Trend Hunter’s science category will help you stay at the forefront of all things of a scientific nature.
Ulcer-Detecting Insoles
Ulcer-Detecting Insoles
Bonbouton Developed a Graphene-Based Smart Insole to Help Diabetics
Linh Le developed smart insole technology to help diabetics as part of a doctorate in chemical engineering. Since then Le started the Bonbouton company, which sells the smart insole technology. The... MORE
Cost-Effective Green Graphene Textures
Cost-Effective Green Graphene Textures
Graphene Made From Gum Trees is Cheaper and Eco-Friendly
Gum trees, also known as Australian eucalyptus trees, could be the key to producing sustainable and cost-effective graphene according to a team of scientists at RMIT University’s Centre for... MORE
Electric Air Mobility Vehicles
Electric Air Mobility Vehicles
Boeing and Porsche Will Collaborate on an Electric Flying Car
Boeing and Porsche are currently collaborating to produce a concept for an electric flying car, which will be able to take off and land vertically. The two companies have also stated intentions to... MORE
Third Party Space Suits
Third Party Space Suits
NASA is Looking at Outside Companies to Produce and Sell Space Suits
NASA is looking at third party options for the production of its spacesuits. The organization has even made formal requests to others in the spacesuit industry, in order to gain information about... MORE
Electric Aircraft Test Programs
Electric Aircraft Test Programs
NASA Will Test the Propulsion System of Its Electric X-Plane
NASA’s electric ‘X-plane’ will soon undergo testing at the Armstrong Flight Research Center, which is located in California. NASA has indicated that initially, the testing process... MORE
play_circle_filled Stress-Alleviating Smart Shirts
Stress-Alleviating Smart Shirts
Sepiia Launched a New Smart Dress Shirt That is Stain-Free
In our busy modern world, many of us are looking for ways to destress and perform better in our daily lives—which is exactly the need Sepiia’s new smart clothing brand was built to fill.... MORE
Large Stainless Steel Rockets
Large Stainless Steel Rockets
SpaceX Has Revealed Its Starship Prototype Which is 164 Feet Tall
SpaceX has revealed its new Starship Prototype, which is located in Boca Chica Village, Texas. The company has also indicated that the new Starship rocket will begin to be used for unmanned test... MORE
Space Lab-Grown Meats
Space Lab-Grown Meats
Aleph Farms Grew Clean Meat Off of Earth on the International Space Station
Aleph Farms, an Israeli food technology startup, is the first company to successfully create lab-grown meat in space. The organization was able to grow meat on the International Space Station—... MORE
Bacterial Material
Microbial elements are incorporated into everyday design and materials
Implications - For the most part, people try to avoid bacteria , but today an increasing number of artists and product designers are incorporating microbial life into the design of everyday objects. This speaks to an increase in perceived accessibility to the science of biology and a growing interest in the 'biohacking' movement.
Workshop Question — What role could biohacking play in your industry?
Moon Mission Spacesuit Designs
Moon Mission Spacesuit Designs
The New NASA Moon Spacesuit Features a Drastically Improved Design
The new NASA moon spacesuit features a design that is much improved from the spacesuits that were used for previous moon missions. NASA’s new moon space suits are now easier to enter, have better... MORE
STEM Light-Up Cloud Kits
STEM Light-Up Cloud Kits
GoldieBlox Unveils the New DIY Led Cloud Light Kit for Ages Eight and Up
In an effort to teach younger generations the basics of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in a fun and interactive way, GoldieBox launched the DIY Led Cloud Light. This dynamic kit features... MORE
Interplanetary Exploration Systems
Interplanetary Exploration Systems
The 'ROVO' Concept by Lee Rosario Can Function Autonomously
The conceptual ‘ROVO’ system has been designed by Lee Rosario as an interplanetary exploration solution for NASA that would provide operators with an advanced way to navigate alien... MORE
play_circle_filled Snail Secretion-Infused Creams
Snail Secretion-Infused Creams
Apollinea's Facial Cream is Made with Donkey Milk & Snail Secretion
Apollinea’s new anti-wrinkle facial cream was produced in collaboration with Professor Mazzulla and the Department of Biology, Ecology, and Earth Science (DiBEST) of the University of Calabria.... MORE
play_circle_filled Pollution-Filtering Algae Glass
Pollution-Filtering Algae Glass
Researchers Design a Microalgae Capable of Filtering Polluted Air
The University of North Carolina’s Integrated Design Research Lab (IDRL), located in Charlotte, has a team of scientists researching a new algae glass curtainwall that’s capable of filtering... MORE
Rocket Launch Licenses
Rocket Launch Licenses
Rocket Lab Obtained a New Operator License Allowing for More Launches
Rocket Lab recently obtained a new Launch Operator Licence from the Federal Aviation Administration. The new license will span five years and it permits Rocket Lab to launch its Electronic Rocket at... MORE
Lab-Grown Meatloafs
Lab-Grown Meatloafs
Ochakov Food Ingredients Plant (OKPI) Cultivated Slaughter-Free Meatloaf
Food science has grown exponentially in the past few years, specifically regarding cultured or cell-based meat, and one notable example includes cultivated lab-grown meatloaf. The latest food... MORE
play_circle_filled Atmospheric Data Missions
Atmospheric Data Missions
The NASA ICON Was Recently Sent into Orbit to Study the Atmosphere
The NASA ICON launched into orbit on October 10th, after a series of postponed launches. The ICON was attached to a Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL rocket, where it was then brought to an altitude of 39,... MORE
Public Moon Data Releases
Public Moon Data Releases
NASA Has Released 3D Moon Data Taken from Photos of the Moon's Surface
NASA will make 3D moon data available publicly for both creators and CGI artists. NASA’s 3D moon data includes both images and elevation. The release of the data specifically comes from the... MORE
Life-Like Animal Robots
Life-Like Animal Robots
Virginia Tech is Conducting Research on Movement Systems for Robot Dogs
Researchers from Virginia Tech are attempting to make robot dogs move more like animals. The robot dogs’ improved movement system operates by using algorithms and sensors that give the robot a... MORE
play_circle_filled Output-Increasing Turbines
Output-Increasing Turbines
The Hunstable Electric Turbine Increases the Power of Electric Motors
Linear Labs has created the Hunstable Electric Turbine, which could be pivotal in the way electric motors can be used. Linear Labs indicates that the Hunstable Electric Turbine will be able to... MORE
play_circle_filled Movement-Assisting Exoskeletons
Movement-Assisting Exoskeletons
A Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Was Used to Help a Person Walk
Research was conducted form the University of Grenoble Alpes, which used a mind-controlled exoskeleton to help a person walk. Additionally, the University used a far less invasive procedure than... MORE
play_circle_filled VR Robot Training
VR Robot Training
The Toyota Research Institute is Using VR to Train Robots to Do Menial Tasks
The Toyota Research Institute has begun to use a VR training system on robots, which attempts to train robots to do basic tasks. The VR training could allow the robot to act as a home assistant, due... MORE
Pocket-Sized Cannabis Tablet Dispensers
Pocket-Sized Cannabis Tablet Dispensers
Dose Dial is a Consistent Way of In-Taking Cannabis
Cannabis products are becoming incredibly popular in mitigating stress and a new startup—dosist—capitalized on this idea while providing a more convenient and precise dose of THC. The... MORE
33 Robotic Innovations
33 Robotic Innovations
From Autonomous AI-Powered Security Robots to Customization Task Robots
Robotic innovations continue to provide more ways that robots can be incorporated into human life. Often times robotic innovations can automate different tasks that were formerly performed by people.... MORE
Facial Recognition Transit Payments
Facial Recognition Transit Payments
Shenzhen's Transit System Uses Face Scans for Metro Payment
As technology continues to advance, the traditional payment systems of the past are all but disappearing, and one intriguing example of the advancement of this technology is Shenzhen’s new... MORE