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Evolving with each new development by inventors and physicists, the world of science continues to adapt with every unique discovery and product innovation. Offering the world a glimpse into creative breakthroughs in futuristic technology, medical innovations and scientific activities, Trend Hunter’s science category will help you stay at the forefront of all things of a scientific nature.
360 AR Mountain Experiences
360 AR Mountain Experiences
The National Geographic Everest AR Experience Lets You Virtually Visit
National Geographic and Rolex recently joined forces to launch the ‘Everest AR Experience,’ an interactive AR feature on Instagram that will virtually allow users to climb Mt. Everest.... MORE
Crowdsourced Moon Toilet Challenges
Crowdsourced Moon Toilet Challenges
NASA is Asking For Help Designing its 'Lunar Loo' on HeroX
As NASA prepares to return to the Moon as part of its Artemis program, the administration is calling on the public to help in craft a “lunar loo” — a toilet that can withstand both... MORE
Anti-Virus Clothing Coatings
Anti-Virus Clothing Coatings
The MAP-1 Coating Protects Surfaces from Viruses for up to 90 Days
Researchers at a Hong Kong university recently announced the development of a new antiviral coating, named MAP-1, that provides surfaces—including fabrics—up to 90 days of protection against... MORE
Enhanced Scent Longevity
Enhanced Scent Longevity
Firmenich Pionneers Perfume Delivery Technology for a Long-Lasting Scent
A long-lasting scent is a key motivator of consumer purchasing decisions when it comes to any aroma-infused product on the market—from cleaning supplies to skincare and hair. Aware of this,... MORE
Private Space Journeys
Private Space Journeys
Virgin Galactic Will Bring Private Citizens to the ISS with NASA Approval
Virgin Galactic recently indicated that it entered into an agreement with NASA to take private citizens to the International Space Station. The deal dictates that Virgin Galactic will have to find... MORE
DNA-Based Weight Loss Programs
DNA-Based Weight Loss Programs
Digital Wellness Launches the DNA Diet Plan for Natural Weight Loss
Sydney-based Digital Wellness boasts the DNA Diet Plan to help consumers “reverse DNA damage” and enjoy natural and healthier weight loss. The fact that the program is science-backed... MORE
Shredded Vegan Salmon
Shredded Vegan Salmon
Hooked Develops a Sustainable Fish Alternative for the European Market
Swedish plant-based food tech start-up Hooked is disrupting the industry in Europe with a shredded vegan salmon product. Pegged as first-of-its-kind, the innovation is sustainable, healthy, as well... MORE
Functional Electrical Stimulation Clothing
Functional Electrical Stimulation Clothing
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Creates Tech Solutions
In late 2019, researchers at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute shared that they were testing new wearable technology that can “reawaken” the muscles of people who have experienced... MORE
Ingredient Break-Down
Brands use tech to give consumers peace of mind regarding food consumption
Trend - Technology is incorporated into devices that analyze and break-down ingredients in any given sample of food. This approach is present on the level of both the industry and the consumer, offering an informative way to gauge the nutritional values of a given product, as well as test for chemical contaminants and allergens.
Workshop Question - How can technology help your brand be more transparent with consumers?
Autonomous UVC Light Robots
Autonomous UVC Light Robots
MIT Researchers Created a Robot That Can Disinfect Large Spaces
MIT researchers recently created a robot with UVC light that has the ability to disinfect surfaces. In order to create the UVC light robot, the CSAIL lab at MIT worked in collaboration with AVA... MORE
Satellite-Powered Internet Trails
Satellite-Powered Internet Trails
Consumers Can Sign Up to Test Starlink Internet Ahead of Launch
Consumers now have the ability to sign up to beta-test Starlink Internet, when it becomes available. Elon Musk indicated through Twitter that consumers in Seattle and Germany will be thirst to get... MORE
Mobile Earthquake Detection Networks
Mobile Earthquake Detection Networks
Google Uses Smartphones for an Earthquake Detection System
Google created a new earthquake detection system that will be released in California. The earthquake detection system functions by using Android smartphones as a seismometer in order to create a... MORE
High-Speed Concept Aircrafts
High-Speed Concept Aircrafts
Virgin Galactic Revealed Its New Concept Mach 3 Aircraft Design
Virgin Galactic recently showcased its new Mach 3 aircraft concepts. The Mach 3 aircraft will be a high-speed air travel solution for Virgin Galactic, who will also collaborate with Rolls-Royce on... MORE
Scientific Beauty Information Podcasts
Scientific Beauty Information Podcasts
The Beauty Brains Features Experts to Answer Questions
In an effort to respond to the growing demographic of consumers looking for scientific guidance on their beauty routines, a popular new podcast has emerged to fill the bridge, appropriately titled &#... MORE
Scientific Beauty Podcasts
Scientific Beauty Podcasts
The Eco Well Offers Real Scientific Advise on the Latest Beauty Trend
The Eco Well — launched by trained cosmetic chemist Jen Novakovich — takes a “myth busters” approach on misinformation surrounding the beauty industry, specifically when it comes to... MORE
Microbiome-Enhanced Cows
Microbiome-Enhanced Cows
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are Tweaking the Microbiome of Cows
Modifying the microbiome of cows is believed to be a solution for inhibiting methane production in cattle. A team of scientists at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel have conducted their... MORE
Sloth-Like Conservation Robots
Sloth-Like Conservation Robots
The 'SlothBot' Monitors the Environment of the Atlanta Forest
The ‘SlothBot’ conservation robot is an advanced piece of technology created by a team of robotics engineers at the Georgia Institute of Technology to help study environmental conditions... MORE
Gamified Psychometric Assessments
Gamified Psychometric Assessments
Talent Litmus Boasts Games for High-Performance Organizations
Talent Litmus is a tool that helps high-performance organizations maintain a high standard and even improve efficiency in workflow. Grounded in a proprietary artificial intelligence-backed algorithm... MORE
play_circle_filled AI-Powered Painting Systems
AI-Powered Painting Systems
MIT CSAIL Researchers Made Timecraft to Replicate Painting Techniques
Researchers from the MIT CSAIL lab created an AI-powered machine learning system that can replicate famous paintings. The system is named Timecraft and it has the ability to determine the techniques... MORE
play_circle_filled AI Ear Examination Devices
AI Ear Examination Devices
Oto AI is an Ear Examination Device with an AI Camera Attachment
Oto AI Camera Otoscope designed by Joe Slatter that is offering a solution to ear infection diagnosis. Multiple studies including from the Centre for Disease Control show diagnostic error rates... MORE
play_circle_filled Self-Navigating Wheelchair Projects
Self-Navigating Wheelchair Projects
Smart is Developing an Autonomous Wheelchair with LiDAR
The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, SMAR, has been developing an autonomous wheelchair. Daniela Rus, the director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence... MORE
Cultivated Infrastructure Standardization Frameworks
Cultivated Infrastructure Standardization Frameworks
IntegriCulture Inc. Launches Uni-CulNet
Japanese cellular agriculture company IntegriCulture is launching ‘Uni-CulNet’—a cultivated infrastructure standardization framework. Through this release, the company is hoping to... MORE
Innovative Premium Cooking Oils
Innovative Premium Cooking Oils
Calyxt is Enhancing the Power of Plants Through Biotechnology
Calyxt is “harnessing the power and possibility of plants to develop healthier, more sustainable ingredients” and its premium cooking oil is the epitome of this mission. Dubbed ‘... MORE
Cost-Effective Home Solar Panels
Cost-Effective Home Solar Panels
Tesla Solar Panels are Now Cheaper and More Efficient Than Before
Tesla solar panels have been made more efficient and more cost-effective, and are designed to look like roof tiles or traditional solar pannes. The company also indicated that the new Tesla solar... MORE
Pocket-Sized Microscope Cameras
Pocket-Sized Microscope Cameras
The 'TinyScopeCAM' Enables a 1,000x Magnification
The ‘TinyScopeCAM’ is a pocket-sized microscope camera for users who are looking for a way to capture content like never before and more. The camera can capture images at up to 1,000x... MORE