From Pokémon GO Dating Apps to Murder-Themed Wedding Photos

 - Jan 22, 2017
Since the emergence of apps like Tinder, it seems that more consumers than ever are looking online to find love, which these 2016 romance trends illustrate.

However, the convenience of Tinder's swiping system has resulted in apps that combat its entire premise as well. Siren did this by inviting users to include a selfie that replaced their profile with a large piece of raw meat, as a way to communicate to others that they're more than just something to look at. In addition to making a statement against superficiality, Siren's 'MeatFaces' campaign proved to function as a great conversation-starter.

Meanwhile, other brands have been taking steps to streamline the whole process even more, designing apps that focus on specific interests or desires to connect the right people. These 2016 romance trends also include a number of options for those looking to find romance offline, with speed dating trains and romantic taxi rides being just a few. To see more examples of how people are being connected, see our 2017 Trend Report.