This Dating Service Matches People Based on How They Smell

 - Feb 22, 2016
References: & bustle
'Smell Dating' is a new service that matches people based on how they smell. While dating services use a variety of different indicators to assess compatibility, this service exclusively relies on scent.

Smell Dating is the world's first "mail odor dating service." The service works by sending each user a t-shirt, which they are instructed to wear for three days and three nights. Users cannot wear perfume or deodorant while wearing the shirt, in order to ensure nothing by their natural musk is left behind. After the three days, the user sends the shirt back in order to receive 10 shirt swatches from 10 potential matches. If two users indicate that they find the other's scent the most pleasing, the dating service will then provide each individual's phone number.

In a tech-dominated industry, Smell Dating sets itself apart by using elements of evolutionary science to determine potential matches.