Japanese Travel Agency H.I.S. Offered Pretty Seatmates

 - May 13, 2016
References: neatorama
As far as controversial in-flight entertainment goes, Japanese travel agency H.I.S. takes the cake -- for now, at least. For a short period, they were offering customers the chance to sit next to a pretty young college student for an extra small fee. Although this might sound like a great love matching service, it's clearly more like a geisha one.

This is only exemplified by the suggested talking points such as: "I’ll teach you about the city you’re traveling to," "I’ll tell you my favorite architectural structures," or "I’ll help you with your homework." The controversial in-flight entertainment service has since been shut down, but it does have some merits. Airlines can make a pretty dollar by strategically seating single passengers together in the hope of them making a match.