- Jul 2, 2016
From millennial scavenger hunts to family-friendly resort passes, the June 2016 travel trends reveal an emphasis on trips that cater to specific demographics. Indeed, one-size-fits-all travel is increasingly being replaced by curated experiences that are intended to appeal to different kinds of travelers.

One of the main groups being targeted by travel companies is millennials -- partially due to their desire to value experiences over purchases. One example of a millennial-targeted travel initiative is a network of communal living spaces called Roam, which allows freelancers to work and travel all over the globe. Another example is Icelandair's social media scavenger hunt, which rewarded participants with free airfare.

Beyond millennials, many travel companies are also looking for unique ways to cater to families. Not only are families looking for kid-friendly vacations, but they are also looking for enriching experiences. Some examples of creative family travel promotions include discount resort passes, Harry Potter home tours and Ninja Turtles-themed apartment rentals.

From Millennial Scavenger Hunts to Family-Friendly Resort Passes: