Airbnb's City Billboards Encourage People to Call and Text

 - May 19, 2016
References: airbnb & adweek
Most city billboards today include a website address where people can be pointed towards more information. But for its latest marketing stunt, Airbnb set up a series of billboards for the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon that encourage people to pick up the phone instead.

By calling or texting the numbers listed on the Airbnb billboards, people are able to access a phone tree and hear recordings from local Airbnb hosts on nearby spots they'd recommend checking out. Like a standard phone menu, people are able to "Press 1" for restaurants, "Press 2 for shopping and so on for other highlights of the area.

As well as paying tribute to a younger version of Brooklyn, this is an extremely novel way for tourists to discover the area, courtesy of Airbnb's vibrant community.