The Rolls-Royce Luxe Suitcases are Manufactured With Carbon Fibre

Rolls-Royce is offering consumers a luxurious lightweight luggage series for consumers aiming to have suitcases match the status of their opulent vehicles. The cases are made out of carbon fibre giving them a durable shell and make, as well as an incredibly lightweight design that is easy and functional to carry.

The sleek suitcases -- dubbed the Grand Tourers -- are designed by Rolls-Royce's personal Bespoke team that often specialize in the brand's vehicle customization. Similar to the autos, the suitcases themselves can be customized to the customer's preferences. The luggage includes a boxed shape, rolling wheels with customized Rolls-Royce design and a matching color threading to suit the owner's vehicle -- if they happen to drive a Rolls-Royce car as well.