The Siren App "Encourages Genuine Connections, Discourages Harassment"

 - Jan 18, 2016
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The number of dating tools available online shows not only how many people out there are struggling to make a genuine connection for lifetime partnership but also perhaps a lack of true understanding in how people should go about finding such companionship; enter the Siren App. The Siren App is a gender-neutral take on this phenomenon that encourages users to get to know the person first instead of focusing on more superficial qualities such as looks.

Created by Susie Lee, Katrina Hess, David Golightly and Aashish Gadani, the Siren App "rebels against the shopping-for-humans" pattern. First of all, users can identify as male, female or a "nonbinary person." They also must answer a question a day to better flesh out their profile. People can even opt to have their profile picture blurred for predominantly safety purposes.