From Rooftop Ice Rinks to Festive Scented Taxi Cabs

 - Feb 27, 2016
The top February 2016 publicity stunts include a variety of experiential pop-ups and dedicated campaign events that introduce products and collections in a unique and genuinely engaging way.

The Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop was a temporary storefront opened in Toronto by the candy brand that let consumers swap unwanted holiday items for packs of Skittles. The experiential pop-up gained international attention thanks to its playful concept and hilarious ad campaign that supported it.

Meanwhile in London, a fleet of scented taxi cabs sanctioned by UK bath and body brand Molton Brown. The 'Christmas Carriages' aimed to draw attention to the brand's larger #MBGiftofLove campaign and introduce their dedicated line of holiday scents.

The top February 2016 publicity stunts speak to the consumer desire for unexpected moments of delight in their everyday routines.