These People-Connecting Concepts Honor International Networking Week

 - Feb 3, 2016
In honor of International Networking Week, these innovative gadgets and modern services are the perfect way to jump-start this year's connectivity process. From political networking apps to student-specific social networking, there are always new ways to make connections in both professional and personal atmospheres.

New technologies are continuously emerging to advance the process of how people network. For example, at this year's CES, the 'Talon AD2700' by 'TP-Link' was unveiled. This product "allows devices to communicate at multi-gigabit speeds without the use of wires." On the other end of the spectrum, there are services such as the 'Social Towel,' which is an initiative that connects people without the use of technology.

Many of these products and services for International Networking Week can be used by large corporations, start-ups, entrepreneurs and individual professionals. The ability to network with and without electronics is a highly desirable skill that is essential to maintain personal social standards and stay ahead of the growing business marketplace.