Rabble Invites Sports Enthusiasts to Broadcast Matches for Each Other

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: rabble & prnewswire
Between close-ups and replays, it's hard to beat the video coverage of sporting events, yet Rabble sets the spotlight upon an area that could use improving. Plenty of basketball, soccer, football and hockey fans have grown tired of listening to the dialogue of familiar sportscasters, and they're craving an audio alternative.

Calling its new system 'Audio Democracy,' Rabble.TV is a auditory social networking and social media platform that invites the sports supporter to verbalize his own play-by-play, sharing it with his online circles for anyone to listen. Users can rate each other's broadcasting abilities, with extra points counted for knowledge, humor, spirit and general enthusiasm. Anyone can sign up for a Rabble account and participate by means as passively as listening to others. This unique sports streaming app makes brings more variety, customization and community to watching sports on TV.