From Sports Fan Video Apps to Digital Basketball Exhibits

 - Mar 16, 2016
These examples of interactive sports fandom range from athlete-challenging social media campaigns to sports fan video apps. Letting fans experience their favorite sport while staying connected, examples like sports commentary platforms help foster relationships between members with similar interests. Similarly, fan sportscaster communities give amateur broadcasters a chance to share game news and updates in real-time.

Following in the footsteps of athletic brands that are promoting female empowerment more than ever before, app developers are also responding to consumers' growing desire for female-centric sports content.

When examining branded sports experiences, beacon-powered stadiums and digital basketball exhibits are both reflective of how the world of sports has evolved in recent years. While connected stadiums are enhancing visitors experience by making game days more convenient and enjoyable, athletic exhibits chronicle the many subcultures associated with different sports. The latter examples spotlight sports as a lifestyle that inspires many industries, including fashion, art, design and marketing.