This Pepsi Vending Machine Gave Out Free Drinks to the Best Fans

With the NFL playing a few games in London this season, Pepsi vending machines were placed just outside Wembley stadium to assess whether people were excited. To receive a can of soda, fans were forced to pay with enthusiasm.

The hilarious video above shows passersby yelling, screaming and chest-bumping the vending machine for a free can of soda. The talking vending machine called out people who were on their way to the stadium and asked them to participate in some outrageous fan-centric activities. To the surprise of most, the vending machine reacted to them, either rewarding them, or poking some fan at them. The real test for the stunt however, was to see if British fans are just as crazy for the NFL as their American counterparts. It turns out, Brits favor both types of football equally.