- Mar 10, 2016
Consumers who rely on technology to automate simple tasks in their daily lives are quickly embracing self-serve business concepts that offer the same level of convenience. Self service wine bars, meal vending machines and do-it-yourself drop off and pick-up parcel stations are just a few of the stations that are replacing conventional staff roles and customer service.

While self-serve stations have the ability to completely replace staff, this concept is rarely used to its full extent. However, a few examples are now emerging to grant the public greater autonomy. For instance, food orders at San Francisco's Eatsa are processed through touchscreen kiosks and customers can retrieve their meals from small cubbyholes as they are prepared. On an even larger scale, Melbourne Airport's newest domestic terminal is a new model for self service innovation.

From Futuristic Postal Offices to Digital Ordering Kiosks: