These Self-Serve Kiosks Provide a Convenient Way to Print Photos

Canadian pharmacy chain London Drugs recently announced that it will be installing brand new photo-printing kiosks in 78 of its locations. In recent years, self-serve photo kiosks have become a popular alternative to designated photo labs because they are fast and convenient. The new self-serve kiosks from London Drugs give consumers even more options when it comes to printing photos on demand.

The new in-store kiosks from London Drugs are designed to enhance the photo-sharing and photo-printing experience by giving consumers an alternative to visiting a designated photo lab. The kiosks consist of large touchscreen monitors that allow consumers to upload photos in all formats of storage media. This means that consumers can use the in-store WiFi to directly upload photos from their smartphone or tablet. Once uploaded, consumers can customize their photos with different editing tools and theme options. All completed projects are subsequently stored in a cloud account to streamline future ordering.

With the rising popularity of photo-printing kiosks, the new service from London Drugs gives consumers a simple way to print photos on demand.