From Luxury Auto Retail Lounges to Urban Balcony Decor Shops

 - Mar 13, 2016
The top March 2016 retail trends speak to shifting consumer demands and the new expectations of the shopping experience.

Liberia is a new bookstore located in London's east end that boasts an impressive interior design that takes inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges' short story, "The Library of Babel." The story's vision of an endless hexagonal library containing the sum of the universe's knowledge is represented in the store's undulating geometric shelves and ghost ceiling that make the space seem never-ending.

The easyFoodstore is an affordability-focused grocery concept that recently launched a pilot store in north west London. A project of budget airline brand easyJet, the affordable grocery store sells each product for an impressive 25-pence and was so well-received in its opening week that it was forced to temporarily close in order to restock its supplies, which sold out almost entirely on the first day.