The Aptekarsky Ogorod Boasts an Apothecary-Inspired Branding Scheme

 - Feb 4, 2016
This unique example of public garden branding has been created for the Russian botanical garden Aptekarsky Ogorod. Designed by agency Olsh & Brothers, the project aimed to capture the historical heritage of Olsh & Brothers, which includes a lush history of being a training ground in botany for Russian medical students.

The garden branding designed by Olsh & Brothers is inspired by the packaging and imagery of Victorian apothecary branding and blends those elements with vibrant vintage illustrations of various botanical plants contained in Aptekarsky Ogorod, which is the oldest botanical garden in Russia, built in 1706.

This visual branding project is another example of the progression toward apothecary-inspired aesthetics that inspire trust in consumers in a time marked by skepticism toward Western medicine and a distrust of the pharmaceutical industry.