From All-Vegan Supermarkets to Beautifying Wellness Drinks

 - Mar 13, 2016
The top March 2016 health ideas highlight the continued influence of a widespread consumer interest in self-care, well-being and of generally adopting health-supporting routines.

Temple Turmeric's 'Hibiscus Berry-Ade' is an innovative health beverage infused with the ancient healing properties of turmeric and much more. The beverage is a great option for anyone looking to consume more fluids and botanicals, especially given the healing properties of turmeric.

Ape Man Foods is an indie brand producing paleo-friendly meal kits made up of wholesome ingredients that are an adequate source of energy. The ready-made meal kits are 100% plant-based and are available in such enticing varieties as the Vegan Pizza box, which comes with yellow squash Italian herb flatbread and macadamia nut mozzarella that will satisfy pizza cravings in a healthy way.