This O Athletik Gym Features Stationary Bikes Hooked Up to Google Maps

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: oathletik & theleadernews
This new O Athletik gym facility, located in Houston, takes connected fitness to a whole new level in order to attract modern, well-monied young professionals.

This gym features FreeMotion Tour De France stationary bikes that are connected to Google Maps. This means that you can use your bike's screen to ride through any place in the world that has StreetView enabled. If biking along while staring at hot gym regulars feels creepy or gets boring, you can enjoy biking through the streets of London or Paris.

The gym's equipment comes with Bluetooth connectivity, while a dedicated smartphone app lets you set goals, challenge yourself and organize group workouts with other gym-goers.

Ultimately, this connected fitness center is designed to incorporate technology into the gym environment to boost engagement and motivation among gym members.