The DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit is Perfect for Amateur Chefs

 - Feb 15, 2016
References: food52
As consumers look for ways to grow their own food at home despite being tight on space, mason jar gardening has emerged as a potential option that condo dwellers may be especially fond of. The DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden Kit from MakersKit is an all-in-one starter pack for anyone looking to start growing their own herbs at home.

The innovative starter pack from MakersKit includes four half-pint mason jars, organic perlite, organic seeds, organic potting soil, pea pebbles and a link to an instructional video. The herbs featured in this particular set are clover, basil, flat leaf parsley and cilantro.

This example of the progression toward DIY sources of herbs and vegetables speaks to consumer concerns around the origins of the produce they consume.