Elixir Allbody B-Glucan is a Natural Health Supplement from Greece

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
This dynamic example of health supplements branding is known for its "delicate, fresh" taste and hails from Athens, Greece. The apothecary-inspired product is a natural means of protecting the body against infections and harmful bacteria that may compromise the immune system.

Elixir Allbody B-Glucan is an all-natural health supplement from Greece that protects against free radicals and works to restore the natural chemical balance of the body. The packaging for Elixir Allbody B-Glucan including the bottles, labels and boxes are all inspired by the clinical branding of the Victorian era, when natural apothecaries were the trusted resource for all manner of ills.

The packaging scheme for Elixir Allbody B-Glucan was designed by Corn Studio of Athens.