The Joule Bracelet Gives a Surge of Energy Without Coffee Consumption

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: indiegogo & firstwefeast
The Joule Caffeine Bracelet is a wearable device geared towards consumers seeking a surge of energy without the consumption of coffee. The wearable has an intergraded caffeine patch that is located on the inside of the strap that transfers caffeine to the body through the skin, rather than the mouth.

The bracelet functions much like a nicotine patch would, allowing the body to absorb the caffeine on the adhesive strip through the skin. The caffeine is distributed equally throughout the body to provide enough energy for up to four hours. Using a patch rather than drinking or eating caffeine eliminates discolored teeth as well as bad breath. The bracelet is sleek and thin enough to be comfortable to wear on a daily basis.