From Stylish Animal Editorials to Canine Photographer Campaigns

 - Nov 25, 2016
While many people already think of their cats and dogs as members of the family, advertisers are only recently tapping into this feeling with the rise of personified pet campaigns. Whether these furry creatures are dressed in human clothes or taking on actual jobs, each campaign demonstrates that it is not hard for consumers to think of their pets as real people.

One reason that advertisers use pets in place of humans is to add a touch of humor to a campaign. For instance, the cat food brand Temptations recently released a hilarious ad that involved turning four fabulous felines into a band called 'The Electric Furs.' Similarly, Honda created a commercial that involved cats falling in love with different vehicles and even attempting to drive them.

However, personified pet ads don't always take the humorous approach. In fact, many use pets to strike an emotional cord with consumers by tapping into the deep bond that owners share with their animals. Some examples of emotional ads that portray pets as members of the family include the 'Doggy Dorm Décor' ad by Staples, John Lewis' 'Buster the Boxer' commercial and the Battersea shelter's 'Who Needs Who' campaign.