This Photo Series Compares People's Facial Expressions to Furry Friends

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: ines-opifanti &
This hilarious and thought-provoking photo series called 'Dog People,' contrasts dog owners' facial expressions with those of their furry friends.

The collection is the work of Hamburg-based photographer Ines Opifanti. Opifanti recruited 30 volunteers -- ones who were dog people, rather than cat lovers. First, he photographed his subjects' canine companions. Then, he asked the 30 dog owners to pose in a way that mimicked the expressions of their pets. The results are remarkably unique, exploring the familiar concept that dog people resemble their pets. The human subjects' bare shoulders re-enforce their similarity to their animal counterparts.

Not only is 'Dog People' a funny comparison of people and pets, it also explores the idea of selfie culture and current photography's obsession with facial expressions.