These Peculiar Pet Fashions Celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day Check Out

 - Jan 14, 2016
While Halloween is the traditional time for humans to show off outrageous costumes, January 14th marks Dress Up Your Pet Day. This non-traditional holiday gives pet owners an excuse to dress animals like cats and dogs in a variety of creative costumes.

These cute Dress Up Your Pet Day outfits range from detailed cosplay get-ups to humorous emoji muzzles. Pet fashion designers are now coming up with stunning pop culture costumes that are designed to mimic human clothes. In addition to novelty get-ups, these costumes are being used for social good too. For example, pet adoption centers have begun using images of pets in their silly attire as promotional tools that encourage adoption.

While fashions for cats and dogs are nothing new, a rise in bunny, turtle and chinchilla costumes marks this industry's foray into the niche pet market.