These Pet Outfits Protect Your Dog at Night Without Making Them Look Wimpy

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: kickstarter
These funny and functional pet outfits provide dogs with armor to shield them from cars at night. Made from reflective materials, these suits strap onto a dog just like a sweater or jacket may. However, the 'Eclectic Dog Armor' provides a less wimpy apparel option for tough little dogs who don't want to wear dresses or jackets. These pink, green or black designs turn a dog into a little superhero sidekick.

The pet outfits are designed for small dogs that are hard to see from far away. Sometimes dogs can get ahead of their owners when on a walk, crossing the street before the person does. In these dangerous situations, the reflective suits will alert the driver that there is an adorable little dog ahead that has the right of way.