- Jul 23, 2015
In order to make sure that the enjoyment of summer will not be dampened by buzzing, stinging and itchy bites, people are seeking alternative mosquito repellents in search of the ultimate way to avoid these annoying pests.

For mosquito repellents that are functional and fresh smelling, brands like Incognito, Mikey & Momo and Saje favor all-natural ingredients and essential oils that are known to keep pesky bugs at bay. Because candles, balms, lotions and sprays can be assembled at home, many consumers are opting for DIY solutions to stave off these blood-sucking insects as alternatives to products that are laden with chemicals.

As consumers are calling for topical solutions to be less toxic in the form of mesh pants and patches, bug-repelling solutions are also moving away from the body in general with DIY citronella candles, apps, keychains and paper products.

From Sting-proof Mesh Wear to Chemical-Free Bug Sprays: