Incognito's Deodorant Reduces a User's Attractiveness to Insects

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: lessmosquito
Deodorant crystals are beloved for their ability to clear away unwanted smells with a non-sticky, completely natural formula. To make this type of deodorant even more useful for those who love the outdoors, Incognito infused citronella essential oil into an alum crystal.

The zesty citrus-scented deodorant is all-natural and promises to reduce the wearer's attractiveness to insects. While this underarm product is not a solution for complete protection, it can be combined with a number of other insect repellent products in order to better shield all of the skin's surfaces.

Citronella oil is a popular ingredient in everything from shampoos to balms that protect against mosquitos and other pesky bugs, but this is just one natural solution from Incognito where citronella is used in an inventive way.