Protect Yourself from Pesky Bug Bites with Mosquito Net Pants

 - Sep 8, 2013
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
Instead of being eaten alive by annoying mosquitoes while hiking in the wilderness, it would be awesome if you could have a portable mosquito net that protected you wherever you went.

That dream can now be realized with these mesh pants that fit over your normal hiking clothes. In the heat of summer, wearing full pants can be a drag, but most people don't want to leave their legs vulnerable to bug bites. Unlike harmful bug sprays, these net pants won't harm the environment or give off a toxic smell and they still let cool air pass through without retaining any body heat.

With these mosquito mesh pants, hikers can enjoy the beauty of their natural surroundings without the distraction of annoying bug bites and itchy bumps on their legs.