- Nov 1, 2014
If you fancy yourself an adventurous type and plan on going on long, vigorous walks through the wilderness, equipping yourself with appropriate hiking gear might be a good idea, especially with winter right around the corner. Whether you live in a colder climate or just find a good hike particularly invigorating, this collection of hiking gear is worth taking a look at.

Given that hiking involves using your feet, it makes sense that much of the equipment is footwear, including lightweight foldable hiking boots, lavish reptilian trail boots and cozy insulated skater shoes. Shelter is another component if you plan on making a trip out of it, as seen in hanging tree teepees and hybrid camping sacks. Nourishment is also key on long expeditions, which is aided through hybrid canine canteens and oatmeal smoothie pouches.

From Mini Travel Espresso Machines to Morphing Modular Rucksacks: