The SOS Stick Provides Physical Support and Assistance in Emergencies

 - Aug 2, 2012
References: tuvie
Wouldn't it be great if more of the gear that you brought on challenging cross-country treks had even more useful functions relative to weight? The SOS Stick strives to deliver in this department as a handy corporeal support that's packed with an explosive hidden perk.

Kim Jieon's invention is literally stocked with an emergency flare in its tubular shaft. If you become merely weary, the walking stick can help you climb further, but if your situation becomes truly uncomfortable or you run into danger, the distress signal can be launched easily from this unsuspecting device.

Once you twist off the ergonomic handle of the SOS Stick, you have access to the beacon inside. Place it in the handgrip, aim at the sky and press the trigger. Help will hopefully see the light and hear its sound so that rescuers can seek you out.