The sCharger-8 is the Perfect On-the-Go Charger for Your Smartphone

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: suntactics & Suntactics
The sCharger-8 is a convenient and hassle-free waterproof solar charger designed to offer enough power to charge two smartphones at wall charger speed (absorbs 1.6AMPS of pure power). Imagine carrying a wall outlet where ever you are outside -- it's literally that powerful.

Want to charge all of your fancy new-aged gadgets outside in the middle of nowhere? Who wants to be in the woods without our cool gadgets anyways? It is time to get the sCharger-8, the powerful yet sleek waterproof solar charger that is built to last a lifetime, guaranteed.

So if you're planning your next camping or hiking trip, or just want to get lost in the wilderness,take one of these with you and power all your battery gadgets at wall charger speed.