From Eco-Friendly Device Docks to Roll-Out Solar Chargers

 - Nov 24, 2015
Solar-powered chargers have a positive effect on the environment and the consumer's bank account. With eco-friendly chargers such as these, users are reducing their ecological footprint while also paying less for energy.

The Solocharg USB is the perfect camping companion that doubles as a flashlight and a solar power pad that can charge most gadgets. Like the Solocharg USB, the ZeroLemon SolarJuice is a durable solar-powered charger that can withstand outdoor and underwater conditions. Contemporary in design, both the E-Saving Charger and the HeLi-on feature windup solar panels which can be easily transported to and from multiple destinations.

These solar-powered chargers also include waterproof devices such as the sCharger-8 which can charge two smartphones at the same time while the 5000mAH Solar Panel Charger is impervious to even the wettest forecasts.