The 'Aurinco' Grass Lawn Mower Harnesses the Power of the Sun

 - Apr 10, 2017
References: yankodesign
Autonomous technology seems to be everywhere, but the 'Aurinco' grass lawn mower is one unit that doesn't utilize it but instead uses a manual operation. While this could come as a surprise, the 'Aurinco' lawn mower is actually designed to be pushed along a lawn in order to cut the grass, but also utilizes the power of the sun to work.

The 'Aurinco' grass lawn mower features a solar panel on the top portion that is used to draw in energy from the sun in order to power the motor. This eliminates the need to plug the unit in (unless it's particularly overcast) to save energy, or cut the use of a gas-powered mower.

The 'Aurinco' lawn mower is the design work of Leonardio Caricato.