From Humongous Paintball Robots to Robotic Vehicle Valets

 - Jan 3, 2015
This collection of the most popular and innovative 2014 robot trends truly proves that the future is here. Even as a child reading sci-fi novels in the '90s, I never would've expected that it might be possible in my lifetime for me to sit at the helm of a two-storey tall paintball-hurling robotic beast. But this is just one of many robotic inventions that have arisen this year.

However, robots aren't all just about fun and games. The year past has seen some particularly encouraging and important robotic innovations in the medical field. Robots are being developed to assist in physiotherapy and help disabled patients into bed.

Robots are becoming increasingly niche and are being developed to replace a wide variety of traditionally human-controlled tasks, from bartending and pizza delivery to wildlife-monitoring and crime prevention.

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